15 Foods That Weren't Supposed To Turn Into Humans, But Here We Are

    Better run before they run after you.

    1. This corncob who is developing legs.

    2. And this carrot who already has fully-formed, functioning legs.

    3. This apple who obviously has a belly button.

    4. And this potato who is forming eyes.

    5. This orange who has a lil' bum.

    6. And this egg who clearly has a nipple.

    7. This green pepper who is growing arms.

    8. And this green pepper who is developing lips.

    9. This tomato who is sprouting quite the, erm, nose?

    10. And this yellow pepper who already has a big mouth.

    11. This sweet potato who is gaining strong blood flow.

    12. And this potato who is gaining a decent-sized finger.

    13. This tomato who is maturing with facial hair.

    14. And this orange who surpassed puberty and is with child.

    15. Then there's this carrot who will be 100% human once it gets its head.

    You, hiding from fruits and veggies like: