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    14 Things You Take For Granted Before You Have Kids

    That's just the way it is, things will never be the same...

    1. Going to the bathroom alone.

    2. Or pretty much going anywhere without being followed.

    Krista Torres / Via Disney

    3. Eating snacks without having to sneak them because you don't want to share.

    pishposhbabydotcom / Via

    4. Cussing whenever and wherever you feel like it.


    5. Sleeping in.

    Krista Torres / Via BuzzFeed

    6. Taking a "sick" day.

    7. Keeping two rooms clean at the same time.

    8. Eating junk food as your actual meal.

    20th Century Fox

    9. Watching what you want on T.V.


    10. Running around the house naked if you want.


    11. Only having to get yourself ready.

    Cathy Ngo / Via BuzzFeed

    12. Leaving cabinet doors unlocked.


    13. Going out to eat.

    Flickr: nateone / Via Creative Commons

    14. Not actually being that busy...

    Patrinos / Via BuzzFeed