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    18 Grandmas Who Are Very Far From Being The "Innocent Old Lady Next Door"

    "I'm good at riding cowboys, not horses!"

    1. This granny who always has sex on the brain:

    2. And this granny whose best skill is sex:

    3. This granny who only plays cards with her naked men card deck:

    4. This granny who uses a penis-shaped tin whenever she makes JELL-O:

    5. And this granny who uses two penis-shaped tins whenever she makes cakes:

    6. This granny who sneaks booze into her grandkid's soccer bag:

    I walked all the way upstairs wondering why my soccer bag was so heavy and I find this inside.... #wtfgrandma

    7. This granny who vandalizes dirty vehicles with profanity:

    8. And this granny who uses Christmas as a time for slightly-insulting jokes:

    9. This granny who owns these sexual figurines:

    10. And this granny who owns this sexual and scary-looking cooking skewer:

    11. The granny who furnishes her bedroom with an angry, fallen angel:

    12. This granny who embraces a good strip tease:

    13. And this granny who loves a good pic with sexy kittens:

    14. This granny who gets really into the dirty game Cards Against Humanity:

    15. This granny who needs a ripped Tim Tebow watching her when she drives:

    16. This granny who owns this disturbing keychain:

    O the stuff you find at grannies house #wtfgrandma

    17. This granny who has no problem telling people to "F" off:

    18. And this granny who just skips the sex and heads straight for the booze: