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13 Moms Who Are Peak Cheap Mom

For the definition of cheap, look no further.

1. This mom who waters down soap to make it last longer. Good hack, mom.

2. This mom who saves wrapping paper from presents for reuse. How resourceful, mom.

3. This mom who saves her kid's Halloween candy for Easter eggs. Makes sense, mom.

4. And this mom who rewashes disposable cups. Sounds reasonable, mom.

5. This mom who uses so many coupons every receipt is as tall as she is. You do you, mom.

6. And this mom who can't resist a good bargain. (Only 69 cents for a six-pack of water, so obviously she gets 120 packs.) Right on, mom.

7. This mom who reuses ziploc bags again and again. Nice idea, mom.

8. This mom who always takes hotel toiletries home for later. Good lookin' out, mom.

9. This mom who has an endless supply of samples so she doesn't ever have to buy the actual product. You're clever, mom.

10. This mom who always sneaks snacks into the movies. Savin' big bucks there, mom.

11. Then there's this mom who uses butter containers for leftovers...

12. ...and this mom who uses butter containers instead of bowls...

13. ...and this mom who uses butter containers for bath time.

KUDDOS! We know you're saving money and we are 100% impressed, mom.