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    Posted on Oct 18, 2017

    13 Moms Who Said The Most Insanely Epic Things Of All Time

    "Avocado makes everything better. Even divorce."

    1. This mom who knows what grandmas are really for.

    2. This mom who believes honesty is the best policy.

    3. This mom who knows avocados are a gift from the gods.

    4. This mom who is probably more cool than you.

    5. This mom who always stands up for her children.

    6. This mom who clearly aims to be above-average.

    7. This mom who always looks at the brighter side of things.

    bellaseciona / Via Instagram: @bellaseciona

    8. This mom who is great with the jokes.

    9. This mom who can't fit you on her list of friends.

    10. This mom who doesn't judge anyone.

    shanbolanwich / Via Instagram: @shanbolanwich

    11. This mom who could possibly be very right.

    12. This mom who wants to live dangerously.

    13. And this mom who just wants to benefit from your life choices.

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