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    13 Moms Who Need Cooking Lessons Before They're Allowed To Enter The Kitchen Again

    Bravo, mom. Bravo.

    1. This mom who tried to microwave glassware.

    2. This mom who doesn't know how to make a quesadilla.

    3. This mom who put glass on a hot stove.

    ereichs / Via

    4. This mom who exploded a hotdog.

    http://jess.a.moore89 / Via

    5. And this mom who burned the boiled eggs.

    6. This mom who doesn't know how to operate the faucet.

    7. This mom who tried to heat the pizza inside the box.

    8. And this mom who just left the Pizza Rolls in too long.

    9. This mom who used the kitchen table as an ironing board.

    10. This mom who put hand soap in the dishwasher.

    11. This mom who tried to cut through frozen chicken stuffing.

    12. This mom who burned the cookies.

    13. And this mom who cut herself badly trying to eat fondue.

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