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    13 Kids Who Hate People Just As Much As You

    "...Sometimes I forget to care about your existence."

    1. This kid who knows dogs are better than humans.

    2. And this kid who doesn't need social interaction.

    3. This kid who has plans to take out civilization all together.

    4. This kid who knows when it comes to kitties and dads, kitties are the superior choice.

    5. This kid who doesn't need your small talk.

    6. This kid who doesn't let other people get in his way.

    7. This kid who knows how easy it is to forget to care about someone.

    8. This kid who doesn't need you to be friendly to them.

    9. And this kid who doesn't need any human being's attention.

    10. This kid who knows S.O.s are overrated.

    11. This kid who doesn't rely on people to get through the tough times.

    12. This kid who knows interacting with others on a daily basis is just the worst.

    13. And this kid who likes to tell it like it is.