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13 Sneaky AF Kids Who Are Very, Very Smart

I'll take some breadsticks to go.

1. This sugar-loving kid who went to new heights to fulfill his frowned-upon craving.

2. And this kid who tricked people into thinking his orange soda was sugar-free orange juice.

3. This kid who knew the claw machine was rigged, so he crawled inside and got ALL THE STUFFED ANIMALS.

4. This signature-forging kid who attempted to avoid having his mother go to conferences.

5. This enraged kid who knew how to get the best revenge.

6. This genius little girl who used her purse to sneak cheese puffs wherever she pleases.

7. This kid who jumped into a family photo because she knows she's cute AF.

8. This kid who placed Legos on the floor, keeping everyone else away.

9. And this kid who has brought food into the bathroom so he could eat while cleaning himself.

10. This kid who handcuffed his older sister to him so she would have to make him breakfast.

11. This kid who ate all the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms so his mom basically had to throw out the rest.

12. This kid who wrote this letter in hopes of convincing her parents she can stay home from school twice a week.

13. And then there's this creepy kid who is pretty genius for placing these dolls in the bathroom in hopes of scaring her mom.

All of the kids in this post:

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