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13 Little Surprises Parents Found Under Their Kid's Car Seat

You think the car is clean...until you move the car seat.

1. Let's start off easy, with some classic snack crumbs...

kidcarseat / Via

2. ...and unknown white substances that may be baby powder or may be dried up milk.

rydenshine / Via

3. Here we have a sock, gummie wrapper, Lego, and...baggie of (hopefully) chocolate?

bighappywall / Via

4. Next up are Cheerios, old ham, and what looks like, er, dried-up poo?

hannahelyserutherford / Via

5. Here we have just some gum, spit, and half-chewed gummies in an otherwise seemingly clean vehicle.


6. The blanket wasn't much help here. It seems this mystery array of trash made it's way to the depths of the actual seat.

reducingranna / Via

7. I wonder if this lucky parent got to enjoy these stale Pez candies that got left in the trenches.

burn_the_crazy_off / Via

8. How about this seat that is filled with the secrets of what these mystery kid stains actually are?

extremecarcare / Via

9. And for this one, let's just be thankful the seats were leather.

glamyourpramuk / Via

10. This melted crayon that could not escape the heat, even under the car seat.

jpagewood / Via

11. Nothing is more devastating than realizing French fries were sacrificed...

12. What you don't see won't hurt you...tell yourself this before you move the car seat.

leesaedwards311 / Via

13. And there's nothing, I mean nothing, more discouraging than discovering a fossilized – AKA moldy – orange under your kid's car seat.

So, next time you see this...

lifeofsilashenry / Via

Remember this:


Kids. You ready for 'em?


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