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    Updated on Dec 6, 2019. Posted on Oct 1, 2019

    15 Dollar Store Travel Hacks That Are Actually Really Useful

    Planning a trip just got easier.

    1. Buy a stick of deodorant and empty it out so you can hide your money in it.


    2. Put a shower cap around your shoes so they don't get your clothes dirty in the suitcase.

    hotel_polotowers / Instagram / Via

    3. Stick a balloon around the top of your hair and body wash products so they don't leak.


    4. Throw a clothespin in your toiletry bag so your toothbrush doesn't have to touch the counter.


    5. Put your earrings and small jewelry in a pill container to keep them organized.

    kiwisammich / Instagram / Via Instagram: @undefined

    6. And put your necklaces through straws so they don't tangle.


    7. Put a kid's arm floatie around a bottle of wine so it doesn't break in your suitcase. (Plus, you can use it as a koozie at the pool!)

    BuzzFeed, mrs2fence /

    8. Put your hair heating tools in an oven mitt so you can pack them while they are still warm.


    9. Put a binder clip around your razor so it doesn't cut you when you reach into your bag.

    BuzzFeed, kwelaxtelot / Via

    10. If you don't want to take a whole bottle of lotion or face cream, put some in a contact lens case.


    11. Put colored duct tape around the handles of your suitcase so you know which one is yours.

    charli_mero / Via, staxi05 / Via

    12. And zip-tie the zippers of your suitcase together so it doesn't accidentally get zipped open.

    kanta_bhanderi / Via, slipped_wrenches / Via

    13. Use an empty Tic Tac container to keep your toothbrush bristles from getting dirty.

    cass616 / Instagram / Via

    14. Use a mini jaw hair clip to keep your chargers from getting tangled.


    15. And put dryer sheets in your suitcase so your clothes smell fresh!


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