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86 Thoughts Every Girl Has In Superdrug


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1. I'm in dire need of some cotton wool.

2. Superdrug is the answer.

3. I swear it's cheaper than Boots.

4. Plus the star in the logo looks so friendly.


6. I feel as if they're leading me to the make-up aisle.

7. Do I really need a basket?

8. Cotton wool is light, so no.

9. There's so many different offers.

10. You couldn't make it up.

11. "Better than half price!"

12. "Save up to half price!"

13. "This one is exactly half price!"

14. Why can't all shops be like this?

15. The entire Barry M range appears to be 2 for £7.

16. Time to go grab a basket.

17. I might as well treat myself, I deserve it.

18. OK, so what do I need make-up wise?

19. Where's Zoella when you need her?

20. Oh. Over there on some bath fizzers..

21. Mascara is always a good bet.

22. There's Kate Moss again.

23. I feel like I've seen her face more than members of my own family.

24. Oooh she's got a new lippy out.

25. But there's no tester for the shade I want.


26. The ones that are here have definitely seen better days.

27. Did someone bite this one?

28. Weird.

29. Maybe I'll open a new one.

30. No mirrors though.

31. Handy.

32. Wow Miss Sporty's still around.

33. I feel really old now.

34. Oooh Essie!

35. Typical, it's not on offer.

36. Do I really need another Mint Candy Apple?

37. I'm going to wait until it's 3 for 2.

38. I'll come in every week until it happens.

39. Right, where is the cotton wool?

40. I swear I've been down all the aisles.

41. Oooh the Herbal Essences is only £1.97.

42. Best to stock up on a few.

43. Triple points!

44. What even is the loyalty card here?

45. Have I ever used my points?

46. I must have a few by now.

47. I miss my Advantage Card.

48. Though this one has a mirror.

49. Do I need anything else?

50. Disposable razors?

51. Always a good bet.

52. Dental floss?

53. In it goes.

54. I'm at the magazines now.

55. Gone too far.


56. I feel as if I've been here for hours.

57. OK, it's been 26 minutes.

58. Should I ask for help?

59. Who has difficulty finding cotton wool?

60. OK I'm asking.

61. How did I not notice it there?

62. By the fake tan, obvs.

63. Right, I'm paying now.

64. Arggh, the queue is practically the length of the shop.

65. And there's two people serving.

66. Where are those self-checkouts when you need them?

67. They're always so simple and effortless.

68. The face wipes are conveniently placed by the tills.

69. Only 99p.

70. I see what you're trying to do.

71. Buying three packs.

72. Finally at the front!

73. No I don't want a perfume for £20.

74. Or do I?

75. It does have Beyoncé's face on.

76. Stay focused.

77. Beyoncé though.

78. Right so how many points do I have.

79. I only have 81p?

80. I swear I come here loads.

81. This would never happen in Boots.

83. Plus they have those fun machines that give you vouchers.

84. Were they actually ever useful though?

85. Never mind, I'm spending just under the contactless payment threshold.

86. Today is a good day.