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      1. I don’t know many people who wear plaid. Flannel in the winter OK.
      3. We border NH not VT (as already stated before by others).
      4. Nope, not even close.
      5. Fall, Winter, Summer, Spring? That’s a new one. Since you say we can identify the seasons did you think we wouldn’t notice you transposed the bottom two?
      6. Windchill. Falls is on average more windy so 45 feels “colder”. The more still spring air makes 45 feel warmer. Humidity helps. The winter months are very dry.
      8. It’s obvious you edited the photo. 12+ inches is equal to 2 feet???
      13. What planet are you from? A boot driving down the 95 would get looks. A logging truck… no!
      14. I drive 95 frequently and I get a signal from Portland to Bangor. Any further North and things get spotty. There are the occasional bubbles with no service regardless where you are but for the most part the 95 and 295 are better covered than the rest of the entire state.
      15. That’s Maine Med for you.
      16. Disagree. I like beer. I’ve tried a lot of beer. The beer in Maine is good but I’ve had better.
      18. It’s BDN! What do you expect? Their journalism has been sloppy for the last few years. It’s turned into articles written by bloggers.
      19. I’m thinking service animal :)
      21. We don’t all sound like that. In fact, I’d go as far to say most mainers don’t.
      23. Venomous and Poisonous are 2 separate things. Maine absolutely has venomous animals but their venom is so mild that they don’t can’t be considered poisonous.
      25. I dare say most of the lobster eaten in Maine is eaten by out of staters. I’m not saying Mainer’s do not enjoy lobster but I am saying for most people in Maine it is still expensive and a delicacy. Besides who wants to eat a water cockroach? :)

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