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Vanessa Hudgens Is Being Accused Of Cultural Appropriation For Wearing Braids

Social media users are accusing the star of cultural appropriation.

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On Sunday, Vanessa Hudgens shared photos of herself with braids to her Snapchat.

Vanessa Hudgens/ Snapchat

The photos showed her with box braids, a hairstyle typically worn by black women. It appears to be a wig.

Vanessa Hudgens/ Snapchat

Shortly after the photos went up on Snapchat, Twitter users began expressing their distaste, saying the hairstyle is cultural appropriation.

Vanessa hudgens.. queen of cultural appropriation

Who is this ? I don't know who this is anymore. I suddenly can't see anymore

Why does Vanessa Hudgens always have to push boudaries of cultures to fit her "bohemian" style

anyways vanessa hudgens CANCELLED

You were so cute we were all rooting for u why you gotta go and do this @VanessaHudgens

Others pointed out similar times Hudgens has been accused of appropriation.

Vanessa Hudgens quit music to pursue a career in appropriation

vanessa hudgens got braids i suddenly hate highschool musical

Some fans came to her defense, asking others to leave her alone, and even praising her look.

can y'all leave vanessa hudgens alone that girl doesn't hurt anybody 😰


Vanessa Hudgens(who is not white) loves and respects the Black culture. She's smarter than those white girls getting braids to "look pretty"

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Hudgens' representatives for comment.

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