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This Woman Has A Pet Raccoon That's Helping Her Through Chronic Illness

"Probably sounds ridiculous but he has changed my life for the better. He's amazing."

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Cody likes doing ~raccoon things~ like eating spaghetti.

Instagram: @cody_raccoon

Valentine is 24 years old. As a teenager, she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue. Years later, she was also diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder, and told to quit her job. Stuck at home, she felt lonely and disconnected from the world.

Four months ago, Valentine acquired 6-month-old Cody on Gumtree from a ‚Äčlocal man who was keeping him in cat carrier and unsure how to care for him. The pair bonded as she weened the young raccoon from milk.


Cody even has a Facebook page and Instagram account to document his daily mischief.

Valentine also said that Cody has been given special immunity from a new EU law which could ban people from keeping raccoons as pets.

"I wrote a very emotional letter to my local MP. He took it further to the Secretary of State for the DEFRA and we received a signed letter from the House of Commons giving us permission to keep him even if this law comes into effect."