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This Woman Had A Hilarious Response To A Man's Sexist Tweet

You want to talk about summer holidays then?

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On Wednesday Twitter user @Tighe_er tweeted out a sign found at a Japanese station, asking travelers not to manspread.

Anyway, the best thing about travelling in Japan were the anti-man spreading posters <3

She then received a response insinuating her tweet was sexist and that women have their own faults when using public transport.

@Tighe_er Perhaps there should be a sign asking women not to natter on about "the summer holidays" for the entire journey..

After being told there should be a sign asking women not to "natter on" about their holidays, she decided to do just that.

@lostlife2015 I cant tell you how annoyed I was when this women fell asleep on me on the plane! Just my luck!

@lostlife2015 I arrived in Barcelona & couldn't believe how nice my apartment was! Look at that view!

@lostlife2015 there was even a dog!!!!!! 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

@lostlife2015 on the first night I really over indulged on tapas

@lostlife2015 have you ever been to Sitges? It's SO nice, you should definitely go! I loved it!

Her followers joined in.

@Tighe_er @lostlife2015 This is the first cup of coffee I had in NYC. They have different sugar there.

@lostlife2015 @Tighe_er there were so many rustic streets in the Dordogne. Don't you just love rustic streets?

@lostlife2015 @Tighe_er OOOOOOH are we talking about holidays? Goody!!! *scrolls through photo roll*

@cuntistho @Tighe_er @ArchedEyebrowBR @lostlife2015 In Ireland I wanted buy one of these but sadly weren't for sale

Speaking to BuzzFeed News @Tighe_er said that she was spurred to reply by the amusing and absurd suggestion that all women do is talk about their summer holidays.

@lostlife2015 @Tighe_er I saw this snail on my holidays. I was like "OMG, like, is that a snail, like?" And it was!!!

Rachael Krishna is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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