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This Student's Response To Her Professor's Comment About The Stonewall Riots Is Perfect

"This is not an inaccuracy."

Last week, Tumblr user huxsir shared a photo of a recent essay she submitted as part of a college class.

The photo shows an essay she recently wrote about the role of anger in activism. By one line about trans women of color's involvement in the Stonewall riots, her professor made a note saying, "Where did you source this inaccuracy?" By another about the Stonewall Inn, he added that the bar was "mafia-owned."

In response to her professor's request for sources, she sent him an email with all the sources she had on the subject, which she also shared to her Tumblr.

Since sharing, the post has received over 38,000 notes. Other Tumblr users have praised huxsir for her knowledge on the subject.

The Tumblr user told BuzzFeed News that while she now agrees that she should have sourced the point, she stands by her belief that her professor's use of the word "inaccuracy" and comment that the Stonewall Inn was "mafia-owned" were enough to warrant a reply.

She also shared her professor's response to her email, which she said just showed him "arguing semantics."

Despite this, huxsir said that she has no ill feeling towards her professor and doubts he is resentful either. "Despite any grievances/frustrations I may have, he's marked my work fairly," she said. "I was a bit miffed that he'd called me out as being incorrect, and set out to prove him wrong – with sources."