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    This Giant Famous Argentinian Lizard Is Relatable AF

    Deep down, aren't all of us are just hungry giant Argentinian lizards?

    This is MacGyver. He's a three-year-old Argentine red tegu. His parents, who requested to be referred by just their first names, Scott and Ice, live in San Diego. Scott is a 34-year-old software developer, and Ice is a 38-year-old student.

    The couple bought MacGyver when he was three weeks old. Just a tiny baby lizard.

    They started documenting his growth online as a way to connect with other tegu owners. After a posting a video compilation to YouTube, the pair discovered significant interest in MacGyver.

    View this video on YouTube

    Instagram: @macgyverlizard

    Since then, they've regularly updated MacGyver's multiple social media pages, gaining hundreds of thousands of followers for the reptile.

    He's also gotten super big.

    The couple try to document the everyday life of a giant lizard — eating, going for walks or trips out, as well as cuddles.

    Yep, lizards love cuddles.

    Scott told BuzzFeed News that MacGyver is an incredibly intelligent and friendly animal. He is bathroom trained and sociable with other animals.

    MacGyver has gained such a following that he now receives fan art and photoshops from his followers.

    Scott said that MacGyver attracts a wide variety of followers, and has convinced some people to reconsider their opinions on lizards.

    "His followers are very wide range of people, including both reptile lovers and people who have never before thought a reptile was cute," he said. "The comments we enjoy the most are the ones like 'I never knew I liked lizards until now.'"

    You can follow MacGyver on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Tumblr.