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Guide Dog Puppies Are Being Trained With These Adorable Mini Harnesses

Tiny harnesses for tiny pups.

The Southeastern Guide Dog school in Palmetto, Florida, have an adorable system to train budding guide dogs: mini puppy harnesses.

The tiny harness are placed on the Labrador, Golden Retriever, and Goldadors (Labrador and Golden Retriever mix) puppies so they can get used to the feel of the harness that connects them and their owner.

A representative for the Southeastern Guide Dogs told BuzzFeed News that the practice harness are essential for making sure the puppies become the best guide dogs they can be.

"From the time they are born until they are paired with their forever handlers, our puppies soak up a reference library of experiences. This includes getting accustomed to wearing a harness that will someday provide a lifeline for someone who needs them."

Jfc. I can't.