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The 21 Greatest Raccoons Of 2015

MVTP: Most valuable trash pandas.

1. Pumpkin, the Instagram sensation.

2. Marley the raccoon, the trash panda who was almost thrown out with the trash.

3. And his pal, Cory.

4. This fearless little guy riding an alligator.

Richard Jones


5. The raccoon who broke into a beer warehouse and got drunk.

6. Melanie, the cycling raccoon.

Melanie appeared on Britain's Got Talent in 2013, and since then has continued to break the internet with her adorable talent.

7. These raccoons trying to have a shower like actual human people.

8. And then trying (and failing) to chill out by the pool.

9. The stripy bandits from 2013 whose love of Doritos won our heart this year.

All of us all the time.

10. These adorable masked bandits caught vandalizing artwork.

11. The mummy raccoon who tried to teach her baby raccoon how to climb trees.

12. And the family of raccoons who love playing hide and seek with this passing driver.

13. This raccoon who really loves cereal.

Facebook: video.php

Same x 1,000.

14. Rocksy, who became famous for stealing cat food then knocking and asking for more.


15. And Pizza Raccoon, the raccoon spotted eating pizza in Central Park.

And now there is #PizzaRaccoon seen in Central Park.. Why are there so many full size slices all over NYC, lol

16. The vengeful critter who turned a sprinkler into a weapon against a cat.> vengeful critte

17. The fearless raccoon who climbed up a 700-foot crane just to take a poop.

18. This panda who is all of us when caught in the rain.

Facebook: video.php

"Hello, it's me."

19. This unique little albino raccoon saved from the trash to go live their best life.

20. Masha, the raccoon trying to earn her way in this life by washing your dishes.

Masha is sorry for making such a mess at dinner.

21. And of course, the dead Canadian raccoon.

Toronto's rose.

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