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The 21 Greatest Raccoons Of 2015

MVTP: Most valuable trash pandas.

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1. Pumpkin, the Instagram sensation.

Instagram: @pumpkintheraccoon

A celeb in the raccoon world.

2. Marley the raccoon, the trash panda who was almost thrown out with the trash.

Instagram: @marleytheraccoon

3. And his pal, Cory.

Instagram: @marleytheraccoon

2015's most important partnership, tbh.


10. These adorable masked bandits caught vandalizing artwork.

13. This raccoon who really loves cereal.

Facebook: video.php

Same x 1,000.

15. And Pizza Raccoon, the raccoon spotted eating pizza in Central Park.

And now there is #PizzaRaccoon seen in Central Park.. Why are there so many full size slices all over NYC, lol


17. The fearless raccoon who climbed up a 700-foot crane just to take a poop.

Instagram: @skyjacked793

18. This panda who is all of us when caught in the rain.

Facebook: video.php

"Hello, it's me."

19. This unique little albino raccoon saved from the trash to go live their best life.