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    This Blind Penguin Learning To Swim Is The Most Inspiring Thing You'll See Today

    Bless you, Blindy.

    This is Blindy. Blindy is a 12-week-old blue penguin from New Zealand.

    Nick Perry / AP

    Blindy, as its name suggests, was born without functioning eyes, and therefore can't see. It also has a deformed beak and head, so Blindy can't be gendered, either.

    Blindy got seperated from its colony and has since been taken in by Shireen Helps, owner of Pohatu Penguins, a penguin sanctuary in Flea Bay, New Zealand.

    Helps is now helping the young penguin learn how to swim. Although Blindy is too disabled to ever return to the wild, Helps hopes it will one day be taken in by a zoo.

    Nick Perry / AP

    Speaking to The Metro, Helps said that Blindy is getting the hand of navigating water without sight.

    ‘If it gets dizzy going around one way, it changes direction and goes around the other way," she said. ‘So it’s really learning very well.’

    You're an inspiration, Blindy.

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