Is This The Next “Gangnam Style”?

Leave it to South Korea to come up with the Dance Step of 2013.

1. Meet Crayon Pop, a five-member girl group from South Korea

2. They debuted in 2012, but they can’t seem to catch a break.

This is despite their first singles are arguably catchy.

3. They actually had to go around the streets of Seoul and perform “guerilla concerts” just to promote themselves.

4. They were so unpopular, they once performed on TV while wearing name tags.

They wore tracksuits in hopes it would set them apart from other girl groups in South Korea.

5. But all that has changed last month when they released their fourth single, Bar Bar Bar (빠빠빠).

The story goes that one of the girls suggested to use helmets in their performances when promoting this song.

6. Not only the song is sickeningly catchy, but the choreography brings a whole lot of WTF-ery.

7. See that jumping dance step? They call it the “Straight-Five Engine Dance.”

You know, like five engine cylinders.

8. With a song this amazing, parodies are bound to happen.

These policewomen from North Gyeongsang Province remind people to observe road safety.

Saturday Night Live Korea spoofed the song, featuring comedian Kim Gura as the episode’s host.

10. Crayon Pop has since tasted success with Bar Bar Bar. The song has reached #2 in Billboard Korea’s K-Pop Hot 100.

11. The music video has reached over 1.6 million views on YouTube as of this posting.

12. From performing on the streets, Crayon Pop get invited to summer parties.

13. They appear in talk shows.

(You need to turn on the annotation for English subtitles.)

14. Their live TV performances receive tons of views on YouTube.

15. Their fans, called “Sketch Book”, are just as quirky as the girls, wearing tracksuits and helmets to show their love for Crayon Pop.

Not to mention the passionate fanchants.

16. The question now is: will the jumping cylinder dance craze spread to the rest of the world? Only time will tell.

17. Thank you for your time!

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