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15 Amazing Photos Of Philippines' Feast Of The Black Nazarene

It is the country's largest Catholic procession. Crowd-phobics may want to look away.

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Originally from Mexico, this wooden statue of Jesus Christ has a darker skin tone, believed to have been caused after being charred from a fire aboard the galleon transporting it. / Via Twitter: @justinjoyas

(Note that the statue in the photo is one of hundreds of replicas being paraded at the same time.)

Catholic Filipinos believe this religious icon is miraculous. Tradition dictates they walk barefoot from their homes all the way to Quiapo Church in Manila, where the Black Nazarene is enshrined, as part of their "panata" (vow) to God. / Via Twitter: @MovePH

Of course, they can drive themselves or hitch a ride to the church if they are from outside the city, but they still have to go barefoot.

Some brave devotees attempt to climb onto the Ándas just to touch the icon. Others throw towels and handkerchiefs to the Ándas, where the yellow-shirt-clad marshalls wipe them onto the statue before throwing them back.

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