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    10 Things English-Speaking Filipinos Need To Stop Saying

    Tigilan niyo na. (Stop it.)

    1. "I'm proud that I don't speak Filipino."

    Fox / Via

    Good on you being monolingual, but it's better to be fluent in more languages.

    2. "My call center has an 'English-only policy.'"

    NBC / Via

    Do you really have to perfect your Midwest accent even out of office?

    3. "I only speak in Filipino with my maids."

    Oxygen / Via

    How classist... I mean, classy!

    4. "Try reading the Filipino version of (Harry Potter/ The Hunger Games/ Twilight/ 50 Shades of Grey) without laughing."

    CW / Via

    These books have been translated in multiples languages, yet you and Cosmopolitan Philippines see the Filipino version as a source of jokes? Come on...

    5. "Don't get me wrong. I love the Filipino language, but I find it inferior to English."

    Fox / Via

    Try replacing your language comparison with, say... race.

    6. "You can't even translate 'accountant' in Filipino."

    Harpo / Via

    "Accountant" in Filipino is "tagapagtuos," "kontador," or "akawntant." Having a Filipino-English dictionary is very handy.

    7. "Really? What about 'autotune?'"

    Bravo / Via

    Autotune. You do know we can borrow foreign words and use it in Filipino, much like using "je ne sais quoi" and "kawaii" in English.

    p.s. If you prefer a "more authentic" translation, it's "pampatinis ng boses."

    8. "But Filipino is not a business language. How would my foreign clients understand me?"

    FX / Via

    Have your foreign clients learn Filipino and it becomes a business language. Problem solved!

    9. "It’s difficult to learn Filipino because of lack of grammatical rules."

    Fox / Via

    Here, I googled it for you. Thank me later.

    10. "So you want me to stop speaking in English?"

    Logo / Via

    No one is stopping you from speaking in English, but you need to change your outlook towards the Filipino language.

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