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10 Most Bizarre Korean Pop Music Videos That Are Not "Gangnam Style"

There's more bizarreness where that came from!

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10. "YaYaYa" by T-ara

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The members of this girl group portray the role of "savages" from an isolated island, dressed up as Native Americans. Its lyrics are mostly gibberish.

9. "Rokkugo" by Super Junior-T

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A sub-unit of 13-man boyband Super Junior, Super Junior-T specialize in Trot genre (hence the "T" at the end). The randomness of the scenes, not to mention the pop-up cartoon characters, makes "Rokkugo" entertaining to watch... and listen.

8. "The Grasshopper Song" by Sunny Hill

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This music video screams Kafkaesque! All the characters are ants, except for one grasshopper.


7. "Sanaee" by Rhythm Power

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Comedic eroticism in a period-themed music video? Yes, please!

6. "Sign" by Brown Eyed Girls

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The protagonist is on a quest to save Brown Eyed Girls from "The Devil." The outcome was unexpected.

5. "Every End of the Day" by IU

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It's five seconds shy of 27 minutes! Why?

4. "Pray" by Sunny Hill

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The storyline is part bizarre, part heartbreaking.

3. "Bbi Ri Bba Bba" by Narsha

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Consider this an Illuminati's wet dream.

2. "Excuse Me" by Yoari

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Shedding tears as you lipsync about your misery, all while having your head shaved! And if that's not enough, you have to do a retake.

1. "Itaewon Freedom" by U.V. featuring Jin-Young Park

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Itaewon is a district in Seoul known for its red-light area appropriately called "Hooker Hill." The area is popular area among foreigners, especially American military personnel. While Gangnam symbolizes South Korea's ostentatious lifestyle, Itaewon is where inhibitions and reservations are thrown out the door. Don't be fooled by the 1980's styling; the song was released in 2011.

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