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Face Your Basement Fears

There are a number of things that go bump in the night. Not all of them can be scared away by opening the closet door or keeping the hall light on. These scary monsters can be managed with a few simple steps. The basement is a place some monsters like to reside. Making sure drains are properly installed and maintained is one way to keep them at bay. Periodically checking for developing cracks will prevent any new monstrous problems from developing. A home's electrical system can also be a frightening beast to handle. Panels should be checked to verify the last time they were inspected. To prevent a home from becoming a fire breathing monster it should be ensured that electrical breakers are the correct amperage for the rooms and areas they are connected to. A professional should also install AFCI breakers to prevent a fire. Appliances may be another source of fear. Dryers and furnaces should be cleaned regularly so residents can have a healthy and peaceful night's rest. All of these tips should be followed so a home is safe from dangerous monsters and hazards.

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