The 25 Most Sexual Lyrics On One Direction’s New Album "Midnight Memories"

Lucky for us cougars, the boys have REALLY grown up.

The boys of 1D just released their new album Midnight Memories.

Oh yeah, and it’s AMAZING.

It’s also filled with steamy lyrics for your pleasure. Prepare to be hot an bothered. You’re welcome.

Note: These are in no particular order…

1. “Said I had a dirty mouth, but she kissed me like she meant it.” from “Best Song Ever”

Talk dirty to me.

2. “Now I’m at the age when I know what I need.” from “Midnight Memories”

Proud of you for getting through puberty, Louis.

3. “I don’t wanna stop so give me more, oh, oh, oh” from “Midnight Memories”

Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop.

4. “It’s four a.m. and I know that you’re with him. I wonder if he knows that I touched your skin.” from “Happily”

It only counts if you saw nipple.

5. “You say we’re better off together in our bed.” from “Something Great”

Our bed. **SIGH**

6. “I wanna see the way you move for me baby.” from “Little Black Dress”

Name your time and place, boys.

7. “If I could hold you, swear I’d never put you down.” from “Diana”

I mean, lets not get crazy, you can still throw me around a little….

8. “I know what you want. And I’ve been waiting so long.” from “Little White Lies”

Kudos to Niall for losing his virginity!

9. “Inside and out baby head to toe. He’s not around girl you let me know.” from “Does He Know?”

**Inside** and out. Hang on, i’m gonna need a minute…

10. “Let’s take a ride.” from “Why Don’t We Go There?”

Subtle double entendre there Zayn.

11. “You say you’re a good girl. But I know you would girl.” from “Little White Lies”

You know me too well.

12. “Best I ever had. Hips don’t lie. You make me wanna…one more night.” from “Better Than Words”

Real women have curves. Niall knows what’s up.

13. “If you give in tonight, let me set you free. We’ll touch the other side, just give me the keys.” from “Why Don’t We Go There?”

Whatever you say Harry. Whatever you say.

14. “I know you want it. I know you feel it too. Let’s stop pretending that you don’t know what I don’t know just what we came to do.” from “Little White Lies”

That’s a tongue twister. You know who else is a tongue twister…

15. “And if he feels my traces in your hair…” from “Happily”

How’d you’re *eherm* “traces” get up there Louis?

16. “Every time we touch, I’m all shook up. You make me wanna…how deep is your love.” from “Better Than Words”

I’m gonna say as deep as that thrust…

17. “I said ‘Hey, it’s alright, does it make you feel alive? Don’t look back, live your life, even if it’s only for tonight.’” from “Alive”

How do I sign up for a 1D one night stand? Is there some sort of guest list…or…?

18. “You’re hands touching me, they’re touching me. And your eyes keep saying things, they’re saying what we do when it’s only me and you.” from “Little White Lies”

Nothing wrong with a little gyrating…

19. “Why don’t you stay. Why don’t we go there.” from “Why Don’t We Go There?”

Thought you’d never ask.

20. “I said, ‘Can I take you home with me?’” from “Best Song Ever”

Only if you keep doing that. All. Night. Long.

21. “I don’t know why I wanna be with every girl I meet.” from “Alive”

Playas gon play!

22. “Does he know you’re out and I want you so bad?” from “Does He Know?”

Almost as bad as I want Harry’s 4th nipple.

23. “Little black dress just walked into the room. Makin’ heads turn can’t stop looking at you.” from “Little Black Dress”

MTV / Via

You can do more than *look*….

24. “I want to get addicted to you.” from “Why Don’t We Go There?”

MTV / Via

Glad we’re on the same page.

25. “My lips getting so attached, they’re so attached.” from “Little White Lies”

Ok, gonna take a cold shower now. BRB.

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