What Happens At A French Bulldog Meet Up?

Happiness is what happens.

1. Excuse me, can I help you with that?

2. What, is my face too cute for you?

3. This is my ball, and no one can take it from me.

4. Can we smell your flower?

5. Excuse me, what did you just say about my flower?

6. Play with me! No? Ok… Sorry….

7. What are you laughing at? Do I have something on my face?

8. Look Mom, I am flying!

9. Follow me, the treats are this way!

10. What? Is this not a toy?

11. It’s hot out… Anyone else hot? Oh my god, I am so hot.

12. Watch out! Full speed ahead!

14. Whoa, where did you come from?

15. Excuse me, this event is for Frenchies only.

16. Oh no.. here he comes.. act like we’re talking

17. Oh crap, the ball is going towards the water again.

18. I must have both of these.

19. Maybe digging this hole was a bad idea…

20. When are we doing this again?

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