17 Of The Weirdest & Most Awkward Leggings

I don’t know if these would look good on anyone.

1. Superheroes

Hey Batman!

2. Happy Elmo

Elmo, you seem to happy!

3. Ironman

Tony, I barely know you…

4. Baby Sesame Street

Cookie Monster! Where did you get that cookie?

5. Rainbows & Monsters

Farting rainbows

6. Disney Princesses

Belle, you’re a little too close for comfort.

7. Sesame Street Characters

Where ya goin Bert?

8. Kitty Pants

I mean they’re cute.. but all I think of is another word for cat..

9. King Kong


11. Faces

Maybe we don’t put those two faces in that particular spot…

12. Bart Simpson

WHOA Bart, Mister grabby hands

13. Muscles

Yes… I want to see all my muscles…

14. Slimed

Oh hey guys, it’s just slime coming from under my shorts NBD.

15. Ants

yeah…. no thank you.

16. Star Wars

Watch that light saber!

17. Veins

Excuse me, your veins are showing…

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