11 Unflattering Tom Hardy Photos

Tom Hardy is one of the most beautiful male actors alive, but he’s also got some of the most ridiculous photos on the internet.

1. 1. Tom the Quiet Bulgarian Drug Lord

Homero Tercero / WENN

2. 2. Tom the Kid that Won’t Stop Playing in the Mud

Bear With Me / facebook.com

3. 3. Tom and the Adult Diaper

Tom Hardy / Myspace.com

4. 4. Tom happy to meet you on Chat Roulette

Tom Hardy / Myspace.com

5. 5. Tom and the suspicious looking paper towels

Tom Hardy / Myspace.com

6. 6. Tom and his dog sleeping it off

Tom Hardy / Myspace.com

7. 7. Tom, Borat’s friendly cousin

Tom Hardy / Myspace.com

8. 8. Tom sharing his speedos with the neighbor’s dog

Tom Hardy / Myspace.com

9. 9. Tom wearing Tom Cruise’s sunglasses


10. 10. Tom and the ‘need to know’ basis

Tom Hardy / Myspace.com

11. 11. Last but not least - Duckface Tom

Tom Hardy / Myspace.com

12. Even after all of these I think everyone agrees he’s still amazing

Tom Hardy

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