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    10 Ways To Turn Your Hardware Store Into A Jewelry Store

    Make industrial supplies into awesome accessories in no time.

    1. Indian Summer Hardware Bracelets

    Directions here.

    2. Copper Pipe Jewelry

    Eat your heart out, Anthropologie. Directions here.

    3. Wire Bow Ring

    Get the tutorial here.

    4. Hardware Bracelet

    Directions here.

    5. Body Chain

    Channel your inner Rihanna/mermaid. Directions here.

    6. Paint Chip Earrings

    A lot of the time you can even get them for free.

    7. Clear Earrings

    Perpex + nuts 'n' bolts = these incredibly high-fashion earrings.

    8. Hardware Bracelets

    Anything you can find at the hardware store can become a totally unique bracelet.

    9. Metal Hair Cuff

    10. Macrame Rope and Hardware Necklace

    Put a new twist on a camp classic.