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    The Alphabet According To "The Simpsons"

    This show is a part of us all, a part of us all, a part of us all!

    A is for Armin Tamzarian.

    B is for Boo-urns.

    C is for Chowdah.

    D is for Dental Plan.

    E is for Embiggens.

    F is for Feelin' fine.

    G is for Grimey, as he liked to be called.

    H is for Hammock District.

    I is's a secret.

    J is for Jiminy Jillikers.

    K is for Kwyjibo.

    L is for Land of Chocolate.

    M is for Muu-muu.

    N is for Nuke the Whales.

    O is for Okely-dokely.

    P is for Prank Call.

    Q is for Queeny.

    R is for Rake.

    S is for Steamed Hams.

    T is for Tomacco.

    U is for Unpossible.

    V is for Gummi Venus de Milo.

    W is for Whacking Day.

    X is for Xerox Machine.

    Y is for You May Remember Me From Such Films As...

    Z is for Dr. Zaius.

    And there you have it!

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