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    21 Disney Images That Perfectly Capture What It's Like To Be Shy

    "Ask them yourself".

    1. When people think you're rude just because you're shy:

    2. When people ask you, "Why are you always so quiet?":

    3. And then when you do talk, they're always telling you to speak up:

    4. When you don't know how to respond to people or hold a proper conversation:

    5. When you have to mentally prepare yourself to make a phone call:

    6. When people tell you that you should get out more:

    7. When you finally get to be alone again after being social:

    8. When you open your mouth to say something and someone else speaks over you:

    9. When someone tells you "go ask them yourself" and you just feel so abandoned:

    10. When you're just going about your day and then you suddenly remember an awkward conversation you had years ago:

    11. When an awkward conversation finally ends and you walk away from it like:

    12. When you're too shy to correct a mistake with your meal order so you just suffer in silence:

    13. When you were at school and the teacher singled you out to answer a question:

    14. And when your report card always said, "You're a bright student but you should participate more in class":

    15. When you finally do start to talk and nobody listens anyway:

    16. When you find out that you have to give a presentation at school or work:

    17. When you make plans to be social and then regret your life decisions right before you have to leave home:

    18. When you've got plans and the other person cancels:

    19. When you finally feel comfortable around someone:

    20. When you make friends with people who understand you and accept you for who you are:

    21. And when you remember that there are tons of people just like you and that you're never alone:

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