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37 Things You Relate To If You Grew Up Indigenous In Australia

The best time for blackfellas to feel nostalgic is in summer holidays...

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1. During summer, you were always made to go outdoors and you'd spend all day at the beach/creek/pool.

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The drip-dry method has been working for us for over 40 thousand years; 10 minutes in the Australian sun and you're set for another swim.

3. When it was too hot to play outside, you dragged your foam mattress into the lounge to watch TV and movies.

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The Indigenous summer survival kit. I swear it's how our ancestors did it.


7. But it also meant probably giving your bed up for family members (lucky there was that stockpile of foam mattresses).

#GrowingUpBlack when you and all your cousin spend the night at granny house😭

And the eldest always got the most comfy mattress.


12. You'd open the cupboard for a snack and all you'd find is this.

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What else do you make your bully beef stew with?

13. Dinner was always sorted by lunchtime because your aunty reckoned she made the best curry/stew/cornbeef.

when your aunt think she fly cause everyone loved her potato salad at the cookout ||

Same goes for curry.

15. Lollies in your household consisted of either salty plums (for Murris) or raw lemon (for Kooris).

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Sweet, sweet candy.


20. When going down town with your cousins to the shop, you had to add on an extra five minutes for the security guards who would follow you and check your bags.

23. And if you bumped into a blackfella you didn't know, the conversation would start with “who you belong too?” or “who your mother?” or "who your mob?"


26. In the afternoon that music would be playing and you'd realize you knew all the words to Charlie Pride songs or Bob Marley songs or both.

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Charlie Pride's album sales still through the roof thanks to the Indigenous community.


28. And then someone would bring up that Yothu Yindi had the best pop song of the '90s.

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To be fair, it is a deadly song.


32. You'd try to explain to whitefellas how your uncle and aunty are related even though they’re not your uncle and aunty.

I'm talking over 40 thousand years of history of how his great-great-grandmother was married off to my great-great-great grandfather's cousin.


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