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These Cats Are Socially Awkward Around Hot Babes

You're not the only one who can't get a date.

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Your crush walks into the room..

Try not to freak out.

You make brief eye contact.

Gather up the courage to say hi to him..

Maybe this will be a good conversation starter..

Everyone likes a little flattery, right?

Find out that you have one thing in common..

Be a little sexy, that will get his attention for sure.

If your crush slightly mentions the idea of hanging out..

Sometimes, a little honesty doesn't hurt...

...okay, maybe it does.

So maybe skip the talking, and just go for it!

If that doesn't work, then...

But really, the only way to let your crush know that you like him is by Facebook stalking him at 3am...

Maybe you should just try telling him exactly how you feel...

You could even text it to him!

He should really know how much you care..

If none of that works, you should just ask him..

You're so awkward, you have nothing left to lose.

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