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25 Reasons Studying Abroad In London Ruins You For New York City

"It's London, baby!"

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1. Because train delays on the MTA make you miss the efficiency of the London Underground Tube.

2. Because ads on the Tube are a great way to find out about events.

3. Because you'd much rather be tapping your OysterCard than swiping your MetroCard.

4. Because you can get a discounted student OysterCard...EVEN WHEN YOU'RE IN UNIVERSITY.

Transport for London / Via

5. Because products in Poundland and 99p stores actually cost a pound or less.

6. Because people in London are always happy to give you directions on the street.

7. Because you've already gotten used to saying "takeaway" instead of "take out" or "to go".

Nando's / Via

8. Because Cadbury chocolate has never tasted better.

9. Because you miss seeing Caffe Nero and Costa instead of Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts.

10. Although you're now more of a tea drinker than a coffee drinker.

11. You don't have to calculate the tip because it's added to your bill.

12. Because it's so easy to take day trips.

13. Because London is filled with authentic Harry Potter attractions.

14. Because you love sitting on the second level of the double decker buses.

15. Because Primark is your everything, and it kills you that there isn't one in NYC.

16. Because living in the same city as the Queen and Prince George is pretty epic.

Kensington Palace / Via

17. Because NYC grocery stores don't sell scones and clotted cream.

18. Because you have access to year-long markets as opposed to pop-up holidays markets at Columbus Circle and Union Square.

Instagram / Via

19. Because "Mind the Gap" sounds nicer than "Stand Clear of the Closing Doors".

Business Insider / Via

20. Because you'd rather take pictures inside a red telephone booth...

21. Than a NYC walk-in phone booth.

Tree Hugger / Via

22. Because London pubs look so much prettier.

Instagram / Via

23. Because some houses in London have cool plaques to indicate famous people who lived there.

24. Because you can stop and look up once in a while without always having to be on the go.

25. And because a part of you forever remains in London.

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