Why Michael Scott Would Actually Be The World’s Best Boss

We love, so much, about the things he chooses to be…

1. Two Words: Comic Relief

A classic that never gets old.

2. Hands-off management style

Spot on.

4. Knows how to motivate poeple

5. He’s all about the love

6. A master of negotiations

7. He embodies determination and stamina

And also gives a mean pep talk when handcuffed to a boat.

8. Speaks off-the-cuff


9. He’s so easy to follow

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3.

10. Multiple personalities

Ok, I had to add at least one typical “boss-like” trait. But at least he does it in style.

11. Did we already mention he’s all about the love?


12. Well, other than that whole Toby thing…

Why. Just why.

13. But we still can’t help but love him

And miss him.

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