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The 10 Daydreams We've All Had

Snap out of it.

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1. Interviewing for your dream job, actually sounding competent in spite of your minimal experience, and blowing it out of the water.

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Hi, BuzzFeed.

2. Getting drunk with your favorite celebrity at a bar and taking epic selfies all night.

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At some point you manage to tearfully tell them how much their work means to you as you struggle to find your mouth with the straw. They think you're cool anyway.

3. Being the person to find someone's lost puppy.

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Bonus points if that someone is a child and they cry tears of joy as you refuse to accept the reward money from their parents.

4. Going back in time and shocking people with social progress.

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Men with long hair! A black president! Gender fluidity! (You can live out this daydream in real life, too. It's just more fun with time travel.)

5. Traveling to the land of your ancestors and coming back fluent in the language.

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"Dia daoibh! Conas atá tú? Oh, that? Yeah, my dad's a ginger so I picked it up pretty quick."

6. Cooking something immaculate and feeding it to Gordon Ramsay.

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Most common time to have this daydream: when you're overcooking your macaroni by about 410 percent.

7. Meeting a hot person who likes nerdy television and wants to take things at the exact same speed that you do.

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BBC and social justice debates?

8. Encountering a dangerous animal in the wild but surviving after it sniffs you, decides you aren't a threat, and let's you ride it off into the forest.

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You've spent a long time learning how to say "I mean you no harm" with just your eyes.

9. Dying, coming back as a ghost, and haunting everyone you hate.

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*steals your Nutella and unplugs your phone while you sleep*

10. Moving to a huge, painfully expensive city and spinning around while staring up at the skyscrapers.

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This daydream also consists of you somehow finding a coffee shop that nobody else knows about and falling in love with the film student barista.

It's all technically possible, right?

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