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Recovering From Heartbreak As Told By The Office

Complete with one well-timed "that's what she said" joke.

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The relationship officially ends, and the change is quite noticeable.

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It's hard at first to imagine yourself without the other person. Cue the crying.

Everything hurts physically and emotionally.

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You try to be enthusiastic about things, but you just don't feel right. Everything is an effort and you're not having it right now, tbh.

And it doesn't help that everyone on social media is like:

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And you're like, "Haha stop."

You start seeing their face everywhere, and it drives you crazy...

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Is this some kind of fucking joke, brain?

...which leads to some vivid fantasies.

Trying to find something to make you feel better is like reaching around in the dark.

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You start accepting invitations to those weird house parties your hipster friends always want you to go to, because being out of your apartment is the only thing that helps.

Even when you're feeling a little better, you still feel stuck.

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Not quite ready to move on, yet not quite ready to keep being single and miserable.

You break the most important rule and check their Instagram to see what they're up to.

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Suddenly everything your ex was into is the dumbest, most pointless thing you've ever witnessed, and you couldn't be any less impressed.

In your lowest moments, your truest friends always know what to say.

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Even when you don't want to hear it.

When *unworthy* people ask about the breakup, however... learn to guard your heart.

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In a healthy way, of course. You just start to realize that not everyone can help, so not everyone should know.

The more you roll with the right people, the more you start to feel like yourself again.

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You might even realize that your relationship was cutting deep into your squad time. Too deep.

You begin to remember what's important to you, and you stop letting people question it.

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Yes, food is a valid example.

Your confidence comes back little by little.

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You buy new clothes, experiment with makeup trends, and say nicer things to yourself on a more regular basis.

All the confidence.

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Even if sometimes it's fake.

You let the small things make you happy again.

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That's what she said.

You start having fun again.

And you start believing in love again.

Stay strong, love yourself, and watch good television while you're at it.

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