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    21 Ways To Silence The Haters As Told By Louise Belcher From "Bob's Burgers"

    Louise is us, we are Louise.

    1. Remind them that you can smell their bullshit from across state lines.

    2. Poke at the chinks in their armor.

    3. Forest Whitaker face.

    4. Offer them a professional package to de-douching camp.

    5. Get Wolverine mani/pedis.

    6. Or just carry scissors everywhere.

    7. By perfecting your SOON face.

    8. By Michael Bay-ing away from their weak-ass jibes.

    9. Remind them they pale in comparison to you, those bland-ass bitches.

    10. Remind them of your friends in low places.

    11. Express how much of burden they are to both you and humanity in the most guttural form possible.

    12. Remind them that you love playing The Most Dangerous Game.

    13. Show them what happened to your last enemy.

    14. Call it like you see.

    15. Remind them that you're focused on much bigger things than their petty bullshit.

    16. Side-eye.

    17. Remind them of their mediocrity.

    18. Unleash this horror upon them.

    19. Stone. Cold. Threats.



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