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    Posted on Oct 4, 2013

    21 Ways To Defeat Your Personal Demons According To "Adventure Time"


    1. Remind yourself who's in charge.

    2. Set daily achievable goals.

    3. Study your enemy and exploit their weakness.

    4. Surround yourself with little supportive mementos.

    Bonus points if one of them is from your mom.

    5. Know your limits.

    6. Try to cool off before making a decision you can't undo.

    7. Work to identify the source of your ire.

    8. Establish firm boundaries and don't be afraid to speak up if someone crosses them.

    9. Don't be afraid of new experiences.

    10. Don't just watch life pass you by.

    11. Don't let anyone take what's rightfully yours.


    12. Push yourself and dive into the unknown.

    13. Make sure to schedule you time during the day.

    14. Always have a Plan B (and C, D, E, etc).

    15. Dress yourself for battle.

    And watch everyone quake at your flawless warrior queen self.

    16. Trust your instincts when you sense a bad situation and get yourself out of there.

    17. Remind yourself that there's always a solution.

    18. Free yourself from other people's expectations.

    19. Remind yourself that you're not obligated to love anyone that doesn't love you.

    20. Be honest with yourself.

    21. And if none of that works try bitch slaps. BITCH. SLAPS.

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