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    Posted on Sep 26, 2012

    Trendy Dino Diets!

    To help you shed those extra pounds you packed on at the local watering hole.

    The If-It-Screams-Don't-Eat-It Diet

    'Herbivores' or 'herbers' as they've been called, believe in a completely vegetarian, plant based diet which is low carb, low cal, and results in a significantly lower pant size.

    The Rocky Road Diet

    Hardcore herbivores will swallow whole rocks with their dinners to help grind up the tough fibrous plant matter that is admittedly hard for the average dino to process.

    The 24 Hour Rule Diet


    Most 'Carnivores' (don't call them carnies) might seem intimidating, displaying stunning muscle mass and adonis-like silhouettes, but their main source of food are animals (mammals, dinos, lizards, even insects) that are already dead. The general is, if the carcass if less than 24 hours old, it's basically like you killed it yourself. More than 24 hours, proceed with caution.

    The Raw Diet

    These fresh kill only purists are the most terrifying and extreme of all the carnivores, but we can't argue with the results: strength, speed, endurance, and pure athleticism.

    The Zen Diet

    'Omnivores' as they've been known to be called, might be onto something with their philosophy of 'the perfect balanced diet' consisting of both veggies and meat.

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