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21 Times The Powerpuff Girls Smashed The Patriarchy

The Powerpuff Girls are the only superheroes you need.

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1. That time they cleverly deduced the case.

2. When Bubbles took over as Mayor.

3. And then took over a country in wartime.

4. That time the Blossom was like bitches amrite?

5. When Bubbles redefined menswear accessories.

6. That time when the Powerpuff Girls debated tupperware.

7. And then decided it didn't matter who lifted weights as long as they were right for the Professor.

8. That time they proved the Professor was a better superhero than most superheroes.

9. When Bubbles used science to figure out the gender of this squirrel.

10. That time hardened criminals aspired to literally be just like them in every way.

11. That time Bubbles was a beautiful lil shit.

12. When they became the hottest hair tutorial vloggers around.

13. When Bubbles revealed the secret behind her superpower.

14. The time they reeducated their evil male sort of twins.

15. When Blossom was hey Captain Righeous we're trying to fight crime over here please keep up.

16. When the men of Towsnville admitted they literally couldn't perform the simplest task without female supervision.


*arguably the strongest Powerpuff sister of all

*arguably the strongest Powerpuff sister of all

18. When there was two Powerpuff Girls too many.

19. When Ms. Sara Bellum expounded on the patriarchy's greatest weakness.

20. When even narrator acknowledged how bad the patriarchy was at it's job.

21. That time Buttercup decreed PPG's complete superiority.

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