This Classroom Is The Doorway To Adventure!

Hats off Ms. Poppe, we could only dream of having a teacher like you.

Let’s begin our journey.

2. Doctor Who - The TARDIS

It’s bigger on the inside.

3. Harry Potter - Platform 9 3/4

Best to approach it at a run.

4. The Chronicles of Naria - The Wardrobe

Pretty sure you’ll find a half James McAvoy, half faun behind that door.

5. The Twilight Zone

“Perhaps, for all of us, somewhere is a hidden door…into the Twilight Zone.”

6. Portal

Thanks Aperture Industries for creating a portal…to the other side of the room. I hope this is the entrance to the bathroom.

7. Alice In Wonderland

That’s the fanciest looking rabbit hole we’ve ever seen.

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