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19 Things Only Awkward People Know To Be True

You are not alone friends.

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1. When you've become on the outside what you are on the inside.

2. When you're literally never prepared.

3. When you have to speak.

4. When you don't have to speak, but choose to anyway.

5. But sometimes being awkward puts you ahead of the game.

6. When you're fascinated by the wrong thing.

7. When segue and potato mean the same thing.

8. When you can't help anyone else, let alone yourself.

9. When you always have an escape route.

10. When you can only love from afar.

11. When your standard response is happy birthday.

12. When you *know* that everyone knows that you're reading something with Fabio on the cover.

13. When you accidentally manage to fellate something with sharp corners.

14. When you realize there's no point in leaving your house because you already have alcohol there.

15. When you'd rather have someone seduce you with words rather than look them in the eye.

16. When you realize it's a vicious cycle.

17. When you're not that girl from that MTV show.

18. When people are perfectly nice to you and that raises a red flag.

19. When you'd prefer the cool touch of death.

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