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    17 Things Only Adults Say At The Harry Potter Studio Tour

    Kids these days just don't understand. All quotes overheard at the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Leavesden, England.

    1. A mother to her tween son: "Shut the fuck up, Dumbledore's speaking." / Via Warner Bros

    2. Wife to her husband: "If we ever meet Gary Oldman, I'm playing the three-way card."

    Warner Bros

    3. College student: "What spell do you use so none of your dorm mates hear you masturbate furiously?"

    Warner Bros

    4. Mid-twenties woman to her friend: "I would transfigure that into a dildo."

    5. American dude-bro: "Of course Snape was breaking bad; look at all this weird shit in jars. At least 39% of this has to be drugs."

    Warner Bros / Via

    6. Polite British aunt: "I can't get on that broomstick in front of my nieces." / Via Warner Bros

    7. Australian twentysomething: "How many babies are abandoned on the Knight Bus every year, you think?"

    Warner Bros / Via

    8. A true Slytherin: "There's not nearly enough murder on this tour." / Via Warner Bros

    9. Scottish father to his teenage daughter: "I'm not saying it's a good idea to drink and fly a broomstick, I'm just saying Viktor Krum has definitely done it."

    Warner Bros / Via

    10. Two grandmothers: "That Alan Rickman, I'm telling you he could take a good wallop. As long as I was the one giving it out of course." / Via Warner Bros


    Starkid Productions / Via

    12. Philosophy major (I'm assuming): "The beauty and surrealness of magic only makes our own fatalistic urges to conquer mortality starker, more desperate, that much bigger of a failure."

    Warner Bros / Via

    13. WOC: "I fucking love Harry Potter but everything about this place is too white. Hermione should have been black; she was already ostracized for blood status."

    Warner Bros / Via

    14. Different American dude-bro (in tears): "I WILL NEVER GET OVER THE FACT THAT DOBBY DIES. NEVER."

    15. A gaggle of moms practicing wand maneuvers in a mirror: "NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH."

    Warner Bros / Via

    16. A pair of twentysomething BFFs: "If anyone can exemplify the difference between having a cunt and BEING a cunt, it's Dolores Umbridge."

    Warner Bros / Via

    17. Yet another American dude-bro: "Nah man, Voldemort's nose went huntin fo da pussy!"

    Warner Bros / Via

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