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    16 Things Guaranteed To Cheer You Up

    Break in case of bad day.

    1. If you're sad, don't worry there's a dog headed towards you right now.

    2. And somewhere on tumblr a fictional character is literally being too kawaii to handle.

    3. Remember that everyone has hateful anons, and just because some of them deserve it doesn't mean you do.

    4. And inbetween the hate mail, there's some great bonds of friendship being forged.

    5. And those friends are never too busy to lend you a sick beat and an ear.

    6. Sometimes you'll get tough love.

    7. Until you realize that it's actually all comforting in the end.

    8. Because the world is a dark and terrible place.

    9. With glorious, butter covered, mashed pockets of joy.

    10. And though it may seems dark now, the really scary stuff is yet to come.

    11. So enjoy what you have now.

    12. And let go of all the hate, and sadness, and anxiety.

    13. Because even though other people will always try to make you feel bad about yourself...

    14.'re actually pretty fucking great...

    15. ...and are doing just fine.

    16. And no matter what happens in the end, pizza will always be there for you.