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    13 Things From High School That You Wish You Still Owned

    Because they are totally badass and you desperately want to wear them again. Why, why, why did you throw them out?

    1. That pair of Converse you wouldn't stop drawing on.

    This was your Sistine Chapel, and nothing you've never owned since has been so beautiful.

    2. Those ridiculous giant gold hoops.

    Bonus points if they were customized with your name.

    3. JELLIES.

    Blisters were no reason to throw these out. HOW COULD YOU?

    4. This cute little backpack purse.

    Let's just all admit that we all still want to throw this on over a chiffon blouse ala Clueless.

    5. That badass jean jacket with pins from all the shows you went to.

    And refused to take off, no matter how much you were eventually embarrassed by the band.

    6. That Marty McFly vest.

    Cause damn it was warm and you looked like Marty McFly. Why did you ever think that wasn't a good look?

    7. Your Doc Martens.

    Never again doubt the power of the clunky heel.

    8. That pompom winter beanie.

    Epitome of 'ugly cool'.

    9. Those EPIC Air Jordans.

    You weren't even really that into sneakers, but you were into these.

    10. That one pair of weirdly tinted sunglasses you had.

    As an adult with bills, you could probably use a rosier veiw.

    11. An actual backpack.

    Because after hauling your laptop around in massive purse, yeah a backpack sounds like a great fucking idea.

    12. Heaven for your feet.

    Yes they were ugly, but if you don't still yearn for those little massage things, you're a dirty liar.

    13. The only cool piece of high school sports team paraphernalia you had.


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