24 Things Batman Does When He’s Not Fighting Crime

Sometimes his greatest adventures are his most ordinary ones. All the awards for artist Sarah Johnson.

1. Competes in office olympics by himself.

3. Perfects his Grinch impression.

4. Captures enemy snowflakes.

5. Feeds his cute cat addiction.

6. Gets cozy in his dead dad’s sweater.

7. Conquers those rapids.

8. Marathons the The Dark Knight series.

9. Plays the loneliest game.

10. Hunts for bat shaped clouds in the sky.

11. Roasts extra dark marshmallows.

12. Attempts to redeem cereal box prizes : (

15. Ruins all of Alfred’s hard work.

16. Creates dip dyed masterpieces.

17. Listens to Adele and cathartically ugly cries.

18. Clips his batnails.

19. Goes to brunch in Brooklyn.

20. Swings on the swings of tire swings long past.

22. Triple scoop challenge.

23. Rescues kittens from the rain.

24. Uses a pooperscooper because of above recused kittens.

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