22 Signs You’re The Samwise Gamgee Of Your Friend Group

~casually throws away shitty jewelry~

1. People have often told you that you light up their world.

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(Cause you do.)

2. Your puppy dog eyes are at a Captain America level of earnestness.

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3. No is not something that people say to you.


4. People often aspire to be you.

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5. You don’t like to brag, but really you’re the hottest bitch on the block.

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6. In fact, your beautiful visage has been known to soothe many a raucous baby.


7. And you can’t deny that you have a certain….gravitational pull, an animal magnetism one might say.

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8. You love your friends but sometimes it feels like you’re the only one with any common sense.

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9. Adapting quickly is kinda your thing.

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10. ….Uh most of the time anyway.

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11. You’re the mom who makes sure all your drunk friends get home okay.


12. Yours is the shoulder everyone leans on.



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14. When you started your short lived boy band, you were the drummer because you kept everyone else on point.

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15. You’ll never say no to free food.

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17. Seriously, nothing else can compare.


18. Nobody fucks with your boys cause they know who they’ll have to deal with.


19. This is how you deal with haters.

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20. You’ve crashed your fair share of parties (that got turnt the second you walked in).

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21. You’ve got some pretty sweet nicknames. You don’t wanna say you’re The Fonz, but……

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22. But most importantly, you’re the kind of person everyone wants in their life.

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Never change Samwise Gamgee, never change.

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