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13 Signs You're Obsessed With "The Sims"

Enter the void.

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1. You've dated all your celeb crushes.

2. You are now attracted to 3D animation.

3. You count down to when you can play Sims again.

4. You value The Sims more than you value food.

5. Your loved ones have left you a plate of food that you only discovered hours later.

6. You learn the best life lessons from your favorite Sims.

7. You have a dedicated Sims budget.

8. You feel like your Sims have really ~earned~ their happiness.

9. You think all dogs are worth petting, even animated ones.

10. The Sims dictates when you sleep.

11. The Sims helps you dream big.

12. You've uttered the phrase, "Vengeance will be mine!"

13. Copious tears have been spilled.